Have You Gone Mattress Shopping In A Store?

Mattress shopping will be about as entertaining as car shopping, but what with the several confusing alternatives, the usually forcing salespeople and the embarrassed “test drives.”

It frequently ends with, “Fine; this one is looking comfortable, we guess.” So you take out the credit card hoping for the best since there’s usually a substantial (non-refundable) delivery fee, a restocking fee and possibly only 30 days to determine if you enjoy the mattress.

Moreover, that is the way you choose the mattress where you are going to spend quality time or in other words one-third of your life?

Stop shopping this way! It is the time to explore another option, and that is the World Wide Web.

Wait, what? Are you going to buy an online mattress?

Keep in mind that the price cannot determine the perfect bed for you. Read this post through to know what you need to consider when you purchase your next mattress.

Purchasing A Boxed Mattress

The mattresses that carry the big brand names — and there are many, are Casper, Lisa, Layla, Purple, Nectar and Tuft & Needle — all function on the same basic principle:

  1. Place an order for your mattress online
  2. The mattress is delivered to your door
  3. The buyer gets a trial-period
  4. You can get a full refund or replacement if you do not like it.

Of course, there a few more things to think about and learn.

online mattress delivered

What Type Of Mattress Is It?

The reason the entire thing that is bed-in-a-box works is that most online mattresses are built with memory foam, so they can be easily rolled and are compacted for transport. When you receive the bed, you will positively be surprised by the box size. Usually, the people’s response is: “It is impossible that the mattress is in the box!”

However, it is, and it’ll expand once you take it out and unroll it. Remember, if you are not accustomed to it that means you have slept spring-based mattress – you have to prepare yourself to adjust for a couple of nights. That takes us to the next question.

What Is The Length Of The Trial Period?

Most of the online mattress businesses offer you a 100-day trial period to test their product. According to the mattress manufacturers, this is a reasonable period as it usually requires 30 to 60 days for your body to adjust to a new sleeping surface. A couple of companies offer a more extended trial period. For example, Layla offers you 120 days, whereas Nectar provides much longer 365 days which is the industry-leading trial period. You may be thinking that is too much, but if you live somewhere that has hot summers and cold winters, the return policy allows you to experience comfortable sleep throughout the year.

How Much Does An Online Mattress Cost?

You can expect that the prices vary by brand name and by size.  For example, you can get a Casper Queen size mattress between $600-$1000, but the prices can be increased as in the case of Casper’s Wave version ($1,995 for a Queen) and Purple’s All-New ($1,599).

Are You Stuck With Your Old Mattress?

Ah, there’s the rub. When you purchase a mattress from a local store, the delivery men will typically drag the old one off (either for a small fee or for free). Here, the UPS driver will mostly drop a box on your house.

However, if you want assistance, many companies offer it. For instance, Nectar includes a White Glove service option that includes installation of the mattress and elimination of the old one. The price is $149.

Our opinion: Keep the old mattress until you feel comfortable with the new one. In the case you need to return the latter, you will have your old one to sleep on before your mattress arrives.

How Do You Mail A Mattress Back?

Your mattress may be delivered shoehorned into a tube and expanded upon being taken out from it – never to get back that size and shape. How do you ship it back?

You might not have to. Several mattress companies wish you to donate your mattress locally and will refund you the entire amount on obtaining a copy of the donation receipt. Thus, when you get the option “free pickup” as the return procedure that may be a company like Purple Heart. The fantastic thing is that you won’t need to attempt and pack the stuff and haul it to the mattress store.

Are There Any Return Fees?

No, the fantastic thing here is your free return policy, which is given by almost all online mattresses companies. You must go through the policy carefully before placing an order to avoid any unexpected gotchas.

Do you want a particular bed frame to utilize a memory-foam mattress?

Not really, but it is good if you add more support to your memory foam mattress. Most companies suggest plywood, bunkie board or slatted foundation (provide the slats are close together). As the bed can be easily punctured by a sharpened or bent, a standard spring box can be risky.

credit:  NewsChannel 5

What Else Should You Know?

It is not a great idea to conclude by reading a single review when making your choice, because mattress shopping is subjective. If possible, crowdsource your research: Ask your relatives and friends for suggestions, connect with Facebook fan groups and, most importantly, spend meaningful time on your research.

If you purchase a Nectar mattress, it comes with two pillows. It usually arrives including a zippered case with handles, which made it a lot easier to carry upstairs. From there you can carefully cut open the plastic casing (using the included tool) and put it on the bed frame. Done! It is not overpowering and dissipating. Also, you will hardly notice any odor from this mattress.

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