Some Key Places To Buy The Best Swedish Furniture

Swedish And Scandinavian Stores For Furniture

Some of us like to take old pieces of furniture and re-use them to add a Scandinavian twist. Other homeowners like to take inspiration from Swedish shapes to create custom pieces of furniture to create a whole new living room suite. Then others like to bring in furniture from top Swedish and Scandinavian stores to add the most authentic touch.

If you are more into the design side of interior design than the practical side of making things, you will want to know some of the best places to buy your Swedish furniture. Here I will look at some of the key features of a living room or dining area and where to buy them and create your own Scandinavian “look”.


Swedish Table DesignWhether you want a small side table to go next to your sofa to rest a book or drink on, or a larger dining table that is a bigger statement piece.

You need something durable, simplistic in its form and practice. Ikea has some cheap and cheerful options in the Lack side table, Docksta tulip shape table, and Melltorp dining table.

The problem with going for an Ikea table is that it has all been seen before. A store like A2, however, is a great alternative for some slightly out-there shapes and modern furniture designs.


swedish-seatA much-loved seating option in the Ikea range is the Alfred bar stool. Again, it is an easy way with a no-nonsense approach and brilliantly practical for being grouped around that new dining table or a kitchen island.

Seating options should not just provide an attractive way but also some exotic materials. This is what A2 specializes in. They are on an entirely different end of the spectrum to Ikea regarding their material choices, with marble and steel coming into play as much as real wood.

Storage Options

Swedish Storage Table We all need some stylish pieces of Swedish furniture where we can neatly store away all of our clothes and other possessions to keep the room clean and tidy and maintain that de-cluttered environment.

The Malm series of chests and dressers from Ikea provide a vast range of style and sizes and are customizable. One of the concerns with going for a cheap, flatpack Ikea model is the authenticity of the produce and the durability.

If you want something that is reliable, sustainable and perhaps more ethical – no offense meant to Ikea – then it might be better to look for a company that specializes in that sort of furniture. Norway’s Fjordfiesta provides this approach with locally sourced wooden furniture that looks as authentic as you can get.


Modern style ShelvingSimple boxy shapes, in light colors with clean lines, are a must for any Scandinavian inspired home, and this means the most basic of the functional bookcase and shelving units.

Again Ikea comes to the rescue here more often than not because of the simplistic nature of the products, affordability and the way that the shelves can be adjusted to different heights.

If the Billy bookcase is the iconic modern form of storage in a living room, then the String shelf system was its predecessor. The string system is not as cheap as Ikea, but they continue to provide an excellent range of shelving options that offer a slightly nicer look.

Accessories And Accents:

Swedish Accessories And AccentsBlack and white stripes, bold monochromatic shapes and bright blues are all in this season, and all can be found in a range of different products from across the Scandinavian region.

Naturally, Ikea is getting in on the act with items like their black and white striped Stockholm rug and the bold shapes of their RIBBA picture frames. There are also some great designers right across the Nordic nations that bring style and color into accessories, providing something much more exciting and dynamic to look at.

Finish company Sanna an Olli take inspiration from ethnic culture for a more natural look with some unusual materials, while Danish company Ferm Living use bold graphic prints in an entirely new way. As you can see, it is possible to get everything you need from that grand behemoth that is Ikea but is careful not to go overboard here.

Yes, they are cheaper and easier to deal with than some independent designer over in Denmark, but people may start to notice if you have just recreated the store in your living room. Try and blend a few necessities with some more attractive designer pieces of Swedish furniture to make a statement and find your style.


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