Great New Trends In Swedish Room Designs

Modern Interior Design Inspiration

The best modern interior design takes inspiration from different cultures and twists the ideas into something new and intriguing.

When it comes to adding a Scandinavian touch to the home, this means more than just adding wooden slats to a wall to create a spa-feel.. or a minimalistic electric log fireplace to make it feel rustic.

The following are ideas I have seen that I love – from some of the more distinct, timeless touches that I have used myself, to weirder ideas that I hadn’t considered.

Copper Globe Lights Or Big Paper Lanterns?Copper Lights Swedish Room Designs

Bright, reflective metalwork has been a part of Scandinavian room designs for a while, and copper globe lights are the modern way of bringing this style and warmth to a living room.

It is a popular metal used in a new way that will not go out of fashion paired with the right Swedish palette.If a bright copper look is not your thing, a big white paper lantern may do the trick at bringing soft light and bold shapes to a room.

Folding-Style Wooden Chairs And TentsWooden chair Swedish Room Designs

Here we see an interesting use of natural materials through two very different ways to relax around the house.With the chair we see the Swedish desire to remain rustic and sustainable,

as there are clean lines in the wooden frame of this relaxed seat, but also leather back for a different sense of style and comfort. The tents meanwhile are simple fabric structures with wooden frames.

Blue Accents And Gray Walls

Swedish Accents and wallsSo what’s new right? My go-to color for accenting furniture and adding soft furnishings in my Swedish room designs.Has always been a warm blue and it seems that these simple blocks of color are still the best choice for wooden floors and linen couches.

Gray walls, meanwhile, did go out a fashion for a minute, but I have always loved the softness and diversity they can add to a mostly monochromatic room.

Feathers And Cacti

Swedish Feather Interior DesignThere are many natural themes that can be seen across Scandinavian interior design, and it doesn’t surprise me that the father is back in fashion, especially with modern brands getting in tune with Nordic mythology.

Synthetic feathers and feather prints are simple additions that can compliment a room in some ways.If feathers were the element I expected, cacti would come at the other end of the scale.

This takes the idea of bringing a natural influence into the home to a new level. The shape and prickly nature are perhaps ideal for the crisp, clean designs of Scandinavia.

Monochrome Artwork And Graphic Calenders

Monochrome Artwork And Graphic CalendersSimple monochrome prints and quirky pieces of art can take the room into a new direction or enhance the natural influences with bold prints. The same applies to our calendars now too.

The best new designs proudly state the day and date with no squashed up numbers in the corners or beautiful pictures.They are as bold and as practical as you can get when embracing dramatic Swedish room designs.

Black And White Stripes

Black And White Stripes designIf you want to go even more simplistic down the monochromatic route. Look into black and white stripes on the furnishings, rugs or even the walls.

Some modern designers are now using black tape in bold strips as ways of fixing their monochrome artwork to the wall – essentially killing two birds with one very stylish stone.

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