Introducing a Touch of Swedish Style to Your Place

There is no question that the Swedish style is often used for decorating the interior of houses. The refined elegance, casual appearance,  and slightly aged appear to have universal appeal.

A Swedish artist, Carl Larsson, is generally credited with popularizing the style of decorating. The style is also heavily influenced by Scandinavia’s weather and light. Long dreary winters with early sunset and a lack of natural light commanded a requirement to bring the lightness indoors.

Swedish Home Decor Style

  • Anything airy, light, pale, and bright are popular with Swedish style decors. Floors, pale walls, and furnishings reflect the lighting, interiors decorated with this style are calm, cheerful, and warm even on the darkest winter days.
  • Walls, flooring, furniture, and accessories are stained or painted in pale tones of cream, soft green, pale pink, white, soft yellow, and dove grey. These surfaces are accentuated with gold and red.
  • Following white, blue is the color most often for Swedish style interiors. The tone emits the feeling of a fresh day and coordinates with all the colors of palette or reflects.
  • Against the clean white floor, accents of red look exciting and bold in Swedish interiors. The color is found in the wallpaper, fabrics, stripes, and floral prints.
  • Simple woven, textured white cloths of cotton or linen are typical. Stripes textures, checks, and plaids add more color.
  • Patterns used in Swedish decorating are often color on a white base. Small floral prints contain a lot of white areas. Checks, stripes, and plaids are always white and one other color.


Some Key Places To Buy The Best Swedish Furniture

Swedish And Scandinavian Stores For Furniture

Some of us like to take old pieces of furniture and re-use them to add a Scandinavian twist. Other homeowners like to take inspiration from Swedish shapes to create custom pieces of furniture to create a whole new living room suite. Then others like to bring in furniture from top Swedish and Scandinavian stores to add the most authentic touch.

If you are more into the design side of interior design than the practical side of making things, you will want to know some of the best places to buy your Swedish furniture. Here I will look at some of the key features of a living room or dining area and where to buy them and create your own Scandinavian “look”. (more…)

10 Of The Best Designers From Scandinavia

Scandinavian Interior Design

There are some key ideas seen across Swedish and Scandinavian interior design blogs that are seen as timeless, iconic aspects that all newcomers should aspire to use. The most important for me are the use of clean lines, light spaces and a balance of the homely and practical.

As modern design trends develop across Scandinavia, interesting quirks and ideas come through from Sweden, Denmark and Norway that help to inspire those of us that want something a little different. The following 10 brands embrace Swedish furniture styles and take them in some very interesting directions. (more…)

Bringing Gustavian Style To A Modern Home

The History Of Gustavian Furniture

Swedish furniture comes in all shapes and sizes – and by that, I don’t mean the different widths and heights of the panels of cheap wood in an IKEA flat-pack bookcase. Design trends have evolved over the centuries in Sweden, and while many first-time home-makers may look for the simple lines and adaptability of more modern creations, more adventurous DIY enthusiasts may prefer to take inspiration from the Gustavian style of the 18th century. (more…)