5 Swedish Sustainable Homes To Show How To Live Off-Grid

Swedish sustainable homes or off-grid living implies that you no longer need state-provided services and goods to survive. The most demanding service to eliminate is power, which is often replaced by wind power or solar. Another part is food, but that may be addressed by growing your own vegetables and farming your animals. Last is water, which is collected during rain for use.

With off-grid living becoming more available to everyday people, this Scandanavian country has started to see Swedish sustainable homes and businesses becoming more prevalent throughout the country. Here are five(5) examples that provide green, sustainable living in Sweden.


Reducing Electricity Bills with Battery Back Up Solutions

Households across the US would not be able to function without a steady or consistent supply of electricity for their many devices inside the home. American homes are full of appliances and running electrical operations, like never before.

Homeowners rely on all sorts of systems to run the home, stay entertained and make their life easier. This means an increasing demand for energy. The main problem here is that while energy use increases, so do the cost.

Electricity bills continue to rise for many homes, businesses and other consumers. Some struggle to pay their power bills and need an alternative solution. A battery power back-up could be the answer to the problem. (more…)

The Benefits Of Solar Powered Off-Grid Living For Your Residence

 Eco-Friendly Side Of Swedish Interiors

A recent look at the more eco-friendly side of Swedish interiors and the needs for better insulation and energy efficiency made me question the use of solar energy and the prospect of going completely off the grid.

Off-grid living is a massive step, and while it is little beyond my personal comfort zone, I can appreciate why some people say goodbye to expensive, annoying energy companies altogether and start generating their own solar panels and battery backup generators for power when the sun goes down.

My interest in Swedish design and their ethos when it comes to interior design is evident to see across this site – if I am not gushing over a new design idea that I can bring into my own home, I am exploring new ways of making the most of the materials used.


Discovering Swedish Design Through The Swedish Cabin

Swedish Design And Architecture

When we talk about Swedish design and architecture, it is easy to focus on the modern trends towards materials and lighting and the way that they can be incorporated into a new build. Then there are the formal styles of the Gustavian area and the way that these little details can be brought into a more rustic family home. What we don’t always talk about its the old, colonial-style of Swedish design.

The Lower Swedish Cabin is a prime example of Swedish craftsmanship, design and practical use of space in a 17th-century building. It is a must-see attraction to any historian or architecture student, and the best part of all is that this preserved, the stunning building is right in the heart of colonial North America – not Scandinavia. (more…)