Bring The Warm And Inviting Scandinavian Interior Design Into Your Home

The minimalist style may have come and gone. However, there’s one iteration of clean design that will never go out of style. The Scandinavian interior design employs a combination of contrasts, textures, and soft tones to make modern & sleek furniture feel warm and inviting. It is no small thing to have the ability to exercise moderation in your décor options while still achieving to make a space feel comfortable.

It is no wonder that the style is so famous: It speaks to both our tidy tendencies and our wish to live in comfortable and cozy surroundings. Want to get the look that Nordic peoples are so popular for? Take note of these gorgeous layered spaces.


The Most Important Aspects Of Modern Swedish Room Design

The Scandinavian style is one that has endured with steady popularity because of timeless quality and simple aesthetic appeal. However, this natural, minimalist approach is more appealing than ever these days.

There are many young professionals and couples out to declutter their homes. Some want to turn away from modern materialist approaches to something more simplistic. It is all about finding the perfect balance. No one wants to get rid of everything and start over, but a minimalist approach does offer some clarity and peace of mind.

Less is more with a Swedish design or most Scandinavian options for that matter. There is a minimalist feel to the use of furniture, furnishings, personal effects, and color. Everything within the room has a purpose, and each element is carefully considered to suit the space. (more…)

Great New Trends In Swedish Room Designs

Modern Interior Design Inspiration

The best modern interior design takes inspiration from different cultures and twists the ideas into something new and intriguing.

When it comes to adding a Scandinavian touch to the home, this means more than just adding wooden slats to a wall to create a spa-feel.. or a minimalistic electric log fireplace to make it feel rustic.

The following are ideas I have seen that I love – from some of the more distinct, timeless touches that I have used myself, to weirder ideas that I hadn’t considered. (more…)

10 Ways To Bring Scandinavian Interior Design To Your Home

Swedish-Inspired Design Ideas

Getting a few Swedish-inspired design ideas is great when you want to freshen up a piece of furniture, change a color palette or rethink flooring options, but how do you completely transform a room or a whole home. I have compiled the following tips for the more ambitious – those with new homes to renovate or new builds on the horizon.

1. Elegant linesElegant lines

This is the first thing to remember when trying to bring the Swedish approach to interior design to our homes. (more…)