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Swedish-Blonde.com gives you ideas about Swedish home design, furniture selection, how to maintain your hardwood floor and keep it clean. This is also a guide on how to make wood furniture and what type of tools are required to build the furniture. How to buy a mattress online and what are the things that need to consider before the purchase of a mattress. Living Off-grid gives you the way to the use of solar panel and its usages for your daily activities.

The home design section will provide you all the information regarding how to choose colors for the walls with new and latest designs, how to choose most attractive and beautiful curtains for your walls and from where you should buy them. Also, we show you different accessories to be used all over your home.

Furniture selection will guide you how to choose perfect furniture for your home with the latest trend and where it is beneficial to purchase furniture for your home which will be durable for years.

You will get the information about how to clean your hardwood floor through the articles posted on or will be available on our website. Guide for buying a mattress online will help you to look at a few things before buying the mattress online like which are the good supplier of beds with a fewer number of complaints.

Off Grid Living will guide you on how to make your home energy efficient by using solar power panel and using that power for most of the appliances like for lights, water heating, etc.