8 Ways For Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Most of the people have been asking about the best ways to clean their hardwood floors without damaging it. It is not an easy task since most of the people are not aware of the procedure and the right detergent to apply.

The key issue is to clean the floor entirely and not to use a detergent that can damage it. Besides, some contracted cleaners do not provide all the procedures for hardwood floor cleaning. It is advisable to get the proceedings from them and also the recommended cleaning detergents.

Take time to know exactly the nature, type and state of your floor before choosing the detergents and cleaning procedure to use. Below are the effective Ways for Hardwood floor cleaning

1. Use Water-Based Cleaners For Well Finished Floors

Water based cleaners are the best cleaners to clean a well-finished floor. A well-finished floor refers to the one that has three layers of oil modified polyurethane or four coats of water based finish.

In case the floor is in a place which is commonly used, it should have an extra coat. This is to make sure that the floor handles water based cleaners since such areas are usually moist due to the presence of moisture.

It is advisable to make sure that the floor is well finished and therefore, not affected by such cleaners. In case you are not fully aware, you better ask an expert.

2. Use PH Neutral Cleaner For A New Floor Finish

PH Neutral Cleaner

PH neutral cleaner is the best to use for a new floor. It is advisable to wait until the floor is properly cured before using such cleaners.

Oil based polyurethane floor finish may take about a month to fully clean the surface while most of the water based floor finish usually take two weeks.

Cleaners are available in various PH which is the measure of alkalinity and acidity. Those cleaners with a lower PH usually dissolve hard water and mineral deposits. That is why acidic cleaners such as vinegar are good rinsing agents but poor cleaning agents.

Those cleaning agents with a higher PH are good at dissolving grease and dirt, and that is why they are suitable cleaning agents.

3. Use Wood Wash On Wood Floor Finishes

Wood wash is biodegradable and therefore, the best cleaner for a wood floor finish. You buy it as a strong product/formula, but you can make some gallons of floor cleaner from it.

To cut the total cost, you can use distilled water to dilute it. Besides, the use of distilled water eliminates the aspect of hard water components.

4. Damp Moping

Damp Moping is one of the hardwood floor cleaning methods where you dump a mop on the cleaner, wring it till it is almost dry and pass over the floor two to three times. This is very effective when the floor is not very dirty or when you are in a hurry.

To use this method, you have to remove the solid particles on the floor first before passing a wet mop to make it clean. You can move the cleaner many times until that moment the floor is dry and clean.

5. Cleaning Pre-finished Floor

The pre-finished floor is one of the most difficult floors to clean using the ordinary methods. This is a floor without a waterproof coating. If you apply some moisture to it, you may damage the wood. Water will seep through the wood and even remove the gluing material.

The most proper method for cleaning such floor is to soak a mop in an appropriate cleaning solution then wring it before passing through the pre-finished floor.

This will drop the dust on the surface, and no water penetrates. The person cleaning should remove the solid particles and dust on the surface before passing the mop on the surface.

6. Scratched Floors

Clean Wood FloorsIt is advisable to refill some of the deep scratches in your floor before cleaning it. It is a fact that all floors get scratched at one time.

If the owner ignores the scratched floors and keeps on cleaning, it will worsen the situation as water may seep through and spoil the floor.

You can organize for an expert to come and refill all the scratched spots they allow it to cure. After they get fully cured, you can use the right detergent to clean it to avoid further damages.

7. Use Water Based Wax To Clean Sand-On-Site Floor

Water Based Wax refers to the floors that are mostly subjected to waxing. It is advisable to use high solids acrylic wax to prevent wear and tear.

Apply the wax then allow some time to completely dry. This gives any floor a high shine which is done on some of the commercial floors.

After some time, remove the wax using a mop stripper and reapply new wax. The owner can clean it once or twice a year. Therefore, it is not a complicated procedure.

8. Application Of Floor Refreshers

Apply the refreshers on pre-finished floors. Apply them on the floor surface and allow drying completely. This gives your floor a shining appearance and even prevents moisture penetration on scratched floors. It is advisable to do it once or twice every year.

Some of the refresher kits usually come with cleaning supplies and solids acrylic finish. After cleaning the floor thoroughly, you apply it and allow some time to dry.

The good thing about this refresher is that if you want to re-coat, it will not interfere with the re-coating process.

Those are some of the best methods to guide you on hardwood floor cleaning. The cleaning of floor not only ensures that it is clean, but it also increases the lifespan of the floor.

Deposits and solid materials on the floor can damage the floor through scrubbing and abrasive action. Besides, you should use the right cleaning agent to clean your floor.

In case you are not aware of the good cleaning agent, you can ask the experts to guide you. It is essential for a proper cleaning and to avoid damaging your floor. In most cases, the floors get damaged due to wrong cleaning procedures and cleaning detergents.

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