10 Of The Best Designers From Scandinavia

Scandinavian Interior Design

There are some key ideas seen across Swedish and Scandinavian interior design blogs that are seen as timeless, iconic aspects that all newcomers should aspire to use. The most important for me are the use of clean lines, light spaces and a balance of the homely and practical.

As modern design trends develop across Scandinavia, interesting quirks and ideas come through from Sweden, Denmark and Norway that help to inspire those of us that want something a little different. The following 10 brands embrace Swedish furniture styles and take them in some very interesting directions.


Scandinavia String design

One of the main aims with Swedish interior design is to bring a sense of functionality and clean lines to a living space,while remaining homely and inviting.Furniture should be simple and attractive, but still practical.

One example that jumps to mind here is the String shelf system – a must-have in many Swedish-inspired living areas.It is simple and timeless in its approach and String has continued to diversify their storage options with new colors and materials to suit different homes.


A2 design by Scandinavia

String have built a reputation on creating a series of conventional products that will never lose their popularity.At the other end of the scale are A2, a Swedish furniture manufacturer that has tried to turn this principle on its head by creating a new series of practical designs in unusual shapes and materials.

This brand is ideal for the younger couple that appreciates the ethos of Scandinavian style but wants their home to stand out from the “traditional” styles.


Muuto Scandinavia

It is important to remember that Scandinavian style doesn’t purely rely on Swedish influence, and there are design ideas that gel together to create a “New Nordic” look.This is precisely the aim of a Danish brand called Muuto.We tend to think of more muted, monochromatic color schemes.

when creating a palate for when creating a palate for Scandinavian room but this brand adds a little more vibrancy for some bolder touches, while still retaining the simple forms and clean lines we come to expect.while still retaining the simple forms and clean lines we come to expect.


Other brands, such as VIPP, have been closely following the idea of clean lines and functionality for decades.This brand has not deviated from their approach of providing simple, practical solutions for living spaces and their once basic,

functional products have taken on new life as appealing, fashionable items of Swedish furniture.

Broste Copenhagen

Broste Copenhagen

It quickly becomes apparent when searching through online stores for the Scandinavian design.That the Swedes have created an impressive building block of shapes and materials,and the rest of the region has come along to embellish the room and add to the color scheme through interesting accessories.

This is where Broste Copenhagen come in. This Danish brand specializes in the soft furnishings and accessories rather than the furniture and storage options, and tries to merge authentic ideas and materials with a more modern approach to color and design.

By Lassen

By Lassen

Another great example of this blend of styles in Scandinavian design comes with the lighting.The Kubus Candleholder from By Lassen has become an iconic part of interior design ideas from the region –

to the point where the brand saw a surge in popularity based on this one object.If you are looking at a Swedish interior with one of these accessories in pride of place on the table, be aware that the focal point is Danish.



While By Lassen was able to create a strong fan base through one simple idea,menu has proved to be a strong interior design brand with a diverse range of products.There is plenty to browse here to get inspiration for a new room, and plenty of interesting material choices to add an interesting edge.

This includes marble and steel rather than just the basic wooden offerings.This is meant to be the urban variant, in comparison to some of the more rustic, rural influences that will be seen below.

Ferm Living

Ferm Living

By bringing in these Danish influences to a mainly Swedish-inspired room,it is easy to bring in new design elements and to add a bit more fun. A great example of this is seen in the work of Ferm Living.

Once simply a wallpaper designer, this modern label creates graphic patterns and interesting shapes in prints and textiles to add another dimension to the product range.

Sanna ja Olli


The further afield you tread, the most interesting the products and the more eclectic your Scandinavian room can be.The Finnish company Sanna ja Olli have only been in the game for eight years,but they have caught the eye of young designers with their use of natural materials and ethnic designs.

Textile is made from locally sourced hemp and carries designs from Nordic folklore and mythology.



This idea of authenticity and natural, environmentally friendly materials is a crucial part of bringing.The Scandinavian style of interior design to a modern home, and this is seen right across the region.

Heading over to Norway for our final designer, we come to the brilliantly named Fjordfiesta.If you want a stylish piece of wooden furniture that you know is authentic and sustainably produced, this is the place to go.

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