The Joys And Revelations Of Buying Mattresses Online

Buying A Mattress Online

Why Buying Mattresses Online Is Beneficial

Buying things online has almost become second nature these days. We will buy everything and anything online if we feel that we can get a real bargain and a more convenient shopping experience. There are some areas where I draw the line, though.

I buy the majority of my products, tools and photographic materials from online stores, but I still prefer the experience of shopping in a real clothes store to try out the brand’s idea of size before I buy – and I don’t trust online grocery stores to pick the best fruit and vegs.

Until recently, buying mattresses online would have been on the same the list. That was until I did a little research on the matter and my eyes were opened to the potential products and services that were out there.

I found a lot of tips and advice on SleepDelivered, a great mattress shopping website run by Trish and Eric Broudreaux. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

Online Shopping Is Certainly Less Stressful

online shoppingSince I last bought a mattress – probably too long to be honest – so I was still until the misconception that the purchase of a mattress meant going to the specialist showroom.

Listening to a knowledge salesperson talk about comfort ratings, materials as I awkward found a fetal sleeping position on a bare mattress surrounded by other shoppers.It is an uncomfortable experience that it not made any easier knowing that you couldn’t tell the difference between a 6 or a 7.

Buying online means that we can say goodbye to the awkwardness and overenthusiastic salespersons and enjoy a more sedate experience. You can even browse the online store for a model in your PJs from your current, sagging bed.

What Holds Us Back Is That “Try Before You Buy” Attitude

Mature woman smiling while sleeping in bed at home

We are so convinced that we need to be certain that a mattress is suitable for our weight, sleeping style, and other factors before buying it and taking it home.

The problem with this approach is that we can’t always tell from a quick 10-minute lie-down on a store model and the sales pitches of an adviser who is surely on commission.

It is better to opt for a mattress you think will be a good fit, test it out for a while at home and have the security of a long warranty and returns period.This is where online retailers shine. The long returns policies are a big selling point, and many companies are happy to give you months to get used to the product and to come and take it away if it doesn’t suit your needs.

Returns policies tend to vary between the companies, and some will charge to collect the mattress, so it worth doing your research when choosing the company.The trial period offered is vital when selecting the company, perhaps more so than their range of products. You need to be able to have time to test out the mattress over time and allow your body, and the foam to adapt.

Some companies offer a 100-day trial, rather than a short month, and if you get so used to the new model that the 100-day marker goes by unnoticed, you know that you have made an excellent choice.When you add in the fact that these companies are often cheaper and have a more reasonable range of exciting products on offer, they become even more appealing.

Many companies stick to one type of mattress and specialize in a particular kind of material or comfort level – rather than providing a range of confusing ratings and numbers to complicate things.If you like the sound of the companies policies and think that the shape and materials will work, only pick the size that fits the bed. This simplified process saves a lot of time, and there is the added benefit of the lower, competitive price.

What About The Delivery?

deliverThere is one aspect of buying mattresses online that I am yet to mention, and that is sure to be holding some of you back from going down this route – the delivery process.

Mattresses are big, cumbersome items that can be difficult to ship and deliver and there is always the concern that you will have to wait weeks for it to arrive.The best companies have turned this experience on its head and are providing quick and easy deliveries in a matter of days.

This is large because they have found a new way of packing these modern foam mattresses in small, manageable boxes. You could have the box delivered to the door, carry it upstairs and then unpack it in the bedroom to reveal your new foam mattress.So how does this work? The great thing about foam is that it’s is squishy and can be manipulated into different shapes – it is what makes the memory foam layers of the best options so supportive and desirable.

This means that the mattress can be folded up, vacuum sealed and then packed into boxes that look as though they must have Tardis-like properties for the mattress to fit. The unboxing process is either the fun part of the annoying part – depending on your patience levels and how excited you are by this strange advancement.It can take a little time for the foam to reshape itself upon being released from the vacuum pack, and there is a bit of a smell to deal with, but both issues quickly sort themselves out, and you will soon have a good mattress.

Buying Mattresses Online Is A Much More Straightforward Process, But It Is Far From Perfect

The Pros:

  • You don’t have to deal with the stress of the mattress store and the salesperson.
  • You are not overwhelmed by choices you don’t understand.
  • You may get a better deal by buying online.
  • The delivery process is much easier.
  • You have a longer trial period to get to know the mattress and see if it works.

The Cons:

  • A smaller selection of mattress types that means browsing online stores to determine their product lines (although this is still easier than physically going store to store)
  • Having to deal with a mattress you have not seen or felt before unpacking it.
  • Having to find a way to get rid of your old bed when this new one arrives.
  • The smell.

The online approach will not be for everyone, as there is still a lot of faith required. Are you sure that the company is reliable and will deliver a great product promptly?

The appeal for many online consumers, however, is that it is so much easier to compare brands and products online and to read customer testimonials about the product and service.It is possible to make an informed choice about a new mattress this way and to receive a great product in a quick, efficient manner. Once you see how beneficial it can be to buy beds online, you won’t want to go back to a store again.