Stylish Swedish Room Design
Great New Trends In Swedish Room Designs

Modern Interior Design Inspiration

The best modern interior design takes inspiration from different cultures and twists the ideas into something new and intriguing.

When it comes to adding a Scandinavian touch to the home, this means more than just adding wooden slats to a wall to create a spa-feel.. or a minimalistic electric log fireplace to make it feel rustic.

The following are ideas I have seen that I love – from some of the more distinct, timeless touches that I have used myself, to weirder ideas that I hadn’t considered.

Copper Globe Lights Or Big Paper Lanterns?Copper Lights Swedish Room Designs

Bright, reflective metalwork has been a part of Scandinavian room designs for a while, and copper globe lights are the modern way of bringing this style and warmth to a living room.

It is a popular metal used in a new way that will not go out of fashion paired with …

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Dos And Donts Of Cleaning Your Beautiful Hardwood Floor
The Dos and Donts Of Cleaning Your Beautiful Hardwood Floor

Cleaning Options For Wooden Surface

In some of my blog posts about interior design, you will have seen that I have an apparent love of the hardwood floor. To me, no other option offers the same sense of style and comfort as a perfectly laid, wooden surface with a beautiful grain. Admittedly, it is easy to get caught up in romantic notions of those timeless, beautiful options and to forget about the practical aspects.

A hardwood floor doesn’t require the same amount of vigorous vacuuming as a thick carpet, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need to be cleaned and kept looking good. So how should we go about cleaning them? In this guide, I will take you through some of the best tips I know that are sure to keep your floors looking their best.

What are the different cleaning options to consider when cleaning hardwood floors?Cleaning Options For Hardwood Floor

There …

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Nordic/Swedish Room Designs Idea
10 Ways To Bring Scandinavian Interior Design To Your Home

Swedish-Inspired Design Ideas

Getting a few Swedish-inspired design ideas is great when you want to freshen up a piece of furniture, change a color palette or rethink flooring options, but how do you completely transform a room or a whole home. I have compiled the following tips for the more ambitious – those with new homes to renovate or new builds on the horizon.

#1: Elegant linesElegant lines

This is the first thing to remember when trying to bring the Swedish approach to interior design to our homes.

No matter what era you want to focus on – from the more stylish Gustavian looks to modern pieces of the 20th century,they all share a common theme – clean lines and symmetry. Keep it clean.

#2: Color

Color Idea

When browsing through blogs and photos, it is easy to assume that a Swedish-style room has to be white and gray with no room for …

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Bringing Gustavian Style Into Swedish Furniture Styles
Bringing Gustavian Style To A Modern Home

The History Of Gustavian Furniture

Swedish furniture comes in all shapes and sizes – and by that, I don’t mean the different widths and heights of the panels of cheap wood in an IKEA flat-pack bookcase.Design trends have evolved over the centuries in Sweden, and while many first-time home-makers may look for the simple lines and adaptability of more modern creations, more adventurous DIY enthusiasts may prefer to take inspiration from the Gustavian style of the 18th century.

Who was Gustav?King Gustav

Like of the best design periods, this era is named after the ruling monarch of the time. King Gustav ascended to the throne in Sweden in 1772 and brought his tastes to the furnishings of his palace with the aim of creating the “Paris of the north”.

At first, Gustavian furniture showcased a precise blend of French and Greco-Roman ideas, but it soon evolved to become a very stylish, …

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Tools Hardwood Furniture
10 Helpful Tools For Newcomers To Furniture Making

Furniture Making Tools

Across this site, I have talked a lot about different styles of furniture and how Swedish design ideas can be brought into a home through interior design and some bespoke DIY projects. Getting the ideas on paper is a great start, but I haven’t forgotten about the practical nature of it all. To make these pieces yourself, you need a range of helpful tools.

The following list is series of 10 tools that I feel are worth considering when starting out. There are different saws, portable items like drills and nailers and other helpful aids to take the stress out of hardwood furniture building.

1: Cordless Drill

Cordless Drill

Portable has to be the way to go with many of the best woodworking tools. Yes, I appreciate that you can get morepower and a more consistent performance with many of the high, corded options, but they just aren’t always …

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Swedish Cabin Design
Discovering Swedish Design Through The Swedish Cabin

Swedish Design And Architecture

When we talk about Swedish design and architecture, it is easy to focus on the modern trends towards materials and lighting and the way that they can be incorporated into a new build.Then there are the formal styles of the Gustavian area and the way that these little details can be brought into a more rustic family home. What we don’t always talk about its the old, colonial style of Swedish design.

The Lower Swedish Cabin is a prime example of Swedish craftsmanship, design and practical use of space in a 17th-century building.It is a must-see attraction to any historian or architecture student, and the best part of all is that this preserved, the stunning building is right in the heart of colonial North America – not Scandinavia.

How Did This Swedish House Come To Be In Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania?Living Off grid

In the 1600s, North America was …

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