Swedish Styles by various designer
10 Of The Best Designers From Scandinavia

Scandinavian Interior Design

There are some key ideas seen across Swedish and Scandinavian interior design blogs that are seen as timeless, iconic aspects that all newcomers should aspire to use. The most important for me are the use of clean lines, light spaces and a balance of the homely and practical.

As modern design trends develop across Scandinavia, interesting quirks and ideas come through from Sweden, Denmark and Norway that help to inspire those of us that want something a little different. The following 10 brands embrace Swedish furniture styles and take them in some very interesting directions.


Scandinavia String design

One of the main aims with Swedish interior design is to bring a sense of functionality and clean lines to a living space,while remaining homely and inviting.Furniture should be simple and attractive, but still practical.

One example that jumps to mind here is the String shelf system – a must-have in …

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