Bringing Gustavian Style Into Swedish Furniture Styles
Bringing Gustavian Style To A Modern Home

The History Of Gustavian Furniture

Swedish furniture comes in all shapes and sizes – and by that, I don’t mean the different widths and heights of the panels of cheap wood in an IKEA flat-pack bookcase.Design trends have evolved over the centuries in Sweden, and while many first-time home-makers may look for the simple lines and adaptability of more modern creations, more adventurous DIY enthusiasts may prefer to take inspiration from the Gustavian style of the 18th century.

Who was Gustav?King Gustav

Like of the best design periods, this era is named after the ruling monarch of the time. King Gustav ascended to the throne in Sweden in 1772 and brought his tastes to the furnishings of his palace with the aim of creating the “Paris of the north”.

At first, Gustavian furniture showcased a precise blend of French and Greco-Roman ideas, but it soon evolved to become a very stylish, …

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