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10 Helpful Tools For Newcomers To Furniture Making

Furniture Making Tools

Across this site, I have talked a lot about different styles of furniture and how Swedish design ideas can be brought into a home through interior design and some bespoke DIY projects. Getting the ideas on paper is a great start, but I haven’t forgotten about the practical nature of it all. To make these pieces yourself, you need a range of helpful tools.

The following list is series of 10 tools that I feel are worth considering when starting out. There are different saws, portable items like drills and nailers and other helpful aids to take the stress out of hardwood furniture building.

1: Cordless Drill

Cordless Drill

Portable has to be the way to go with many of the best woodworking tools. Yes, I appreciate that you can get morepower and a more consistent performance with many of the high, corded options, but they just aren’t always …

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